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How do you find out someone's next hearing or if they already have a deportation order?

The Immigration Court has a free 1-800 number, answered by an automated system in English and Spanish, which provides the Court hearing dates, final decision information and some additional information for every person with a case pending before the Court.  In order to get the information from the system, a person has to have the nine-digit case number assigned to them, called an "A Number" or "Alien Number."  One of the only ways to find out what A number has been assigned to a person by immigration is to ask the person for his or her A number when they call you from detention.

Sometimes the "A number" given to a person is only 8 digits long.  If that is the case, simply add a "0" in front of the number to use this system.  Listen carefully to the instructions given by the phone system to select the option to find the information you need. 

This system does include general information, such as:

  • Next scheduled Court Hearing date, time and place;
  • Whether or not a final removal (deportation) order has been issued for a person by an Immigration Judge; and
  • Whether any appeal has been filed by the person
  • Whether a person who has been caught by immigration and brought before an Immigration Court in removal (deportation) proceedings for an Immigration Judge.

But this system does not have all the information about every immigration case.  It does not include:

  • Information about applications filed by a person with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • Information about people that Immigration can deport without taking them in front of an Immigration Judge, including:
    • People who already have already received deportation orders
    • People who voluntarily signed a deportation order
    • People who are undocumented and have been convicted of crimes that are aggravated felonies in the immigration system.